Friday, December 12, 2008

Just venting....

What’s UP with this???

I've been sending out resumes since OCTOBER. Actually, to be more accurate, since late SEPTEMBER while recovering from my knee surgery, knowing that I was going to be laid off in October. I continue to send out resumes diligently, every day (my family thinks I'm just goofing off at the computer, but I'm really not... I'm scrounging all through the internet to find work). I'm registered with FIVE employment agencies... all of whom have told me that it's very bad out there right now... I know of two agencies that have gone out of business, it's so bad!

The only potential interviews I've been contacted about are for commission-only sales jobs. I'm. Not. A. Salesperson. Not by any stretch of the imagination. It's just not what I'm good at, not where my talents lie. Hubby? He's a great sales person. Me? Not even a little bit. Seriously. (Not to mention, in a lousy economy, nobody is buying whatever salespeople are selling, unless you are uber-good at it...which, I am NOT, lol).

So. I keep sending out resumes... legal secretary, executive secretary, administrative assistant, office assistant.... and hope to God I find something before we lose our house or a vehicle.

Anytime, now God, would be an awesome time for that miracle to show up! :)


Anonymous said...

Kad dear, I'll give you a couple of pointers:

1. Stop believing in god. It doesnt exist.

2. Make yourself a better sales person. Good sales people are always valuable, especially during hard times. Selling is just acting natural, and being assertive. People buy and sell stuff all the time, its the basis of any economy and society.

3. Rethink all that "support our troops" stuff. Your soldiers are getting killed, for no good reason. Everyone else in the world, already knows that your government had something to do with 9-11, and that all that has happened since, was part of that strategy. Why do insist on being so naive? Support the families that have lost their sons, but do not support the war itself. Its just wrong. There's no "war on terror", America IS terror, for thousands worldwide.


Ruth said...

To Anonymous: I think you of all people are most miserable.....when the rocks and the mountains fall on you....and you cry out to God to save you....guess what ....then there will be No God for you! I think that Kat is doing what she feels is right for her and her God has just the right job for her somewhere and it will come in due time! Right now her faith is being tested and I'm positive she will came forth as pure gold, but I'm not so sure about how you will turn out with all the dross that you've been spewing to her!

To Kat: Hang in there baby.....God is good all the time....and the right job will come to you soon, just keep the faith and you already know that your God will supply all your needs....maybe not all your wants, but he promises in His Word...your needs and right now you need a it's comin' baby!!

Kat, Remember, I'm praying for you and I know a lot of others are too. Kat, I'm sure that you know by now that you can never out give God, You've given straight from your heart and out of your substance to others in need and God has blessed you rewarded you in the past have been an encouragement to others that were in need. Therefore, you never have to give any heed to anyone that won't sign their name to what they write and then have to hide behind 'a-nony-mouse'!

take care.....a 'Blue Star Mom'

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