Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun fun fun....

Getting things ready for surgery is just oh so much fun... not! ha. Today, faxed FMLA paperwork to doc, and hope it makes its way back to me before HR's deadline (it should, of course, but I'm paranoid about that and will be following up for sure!). Next, I had to call our firm's short-term disability carrier to submit my short-term disability claim. For employees who've been around less than 5 years but more than 1 year, they give you 28 days of paid short-term disability. Doc says I'll be out of work only 3 or 4 weeks at most, so that's just perfect. Anything more than that, I have to use whatever leave time I have left... which by this time is precious little for sure. :( Then, I had to fax to the doc the paperwork authorizing them to release info to the disability insurance carrier.

I'll be so glad to get this over with... I've been in a pain-med-induced fog since my injury (even at work, when I don't take anything stronger than advil, I'm still in a residual fog from the stronger stuff I take at night before bed). It will be a wonderful thing when I can (A) stop hurting and (B) think clearly again! :-)

My knee hurts... and now that I know that there "really is" something bad wrong with it, I don't feel "guilty" or totallly like a wuss for saying so, like I did before when I was told it was "just" a simple sprain!!

I'm trying to line up folks to help out the day of and the day(s) following the surgery, as hubby may not be able to take off work. And even if he can, he'll still be busy taking care of four kids and housework and homework and laundry and.... etc... so I'm trying to line up some folks who can come help take care of me, LOL! Obviously, I'll be severely mobility-limited for at least a few days. Tonight I'm going HERE and am pre-assembling 12 meals that will remain frozen till needed, and I'm going back on the 4th to get 12 more put together. That way, after my surgery on the 8th, we'll have somewhere between 12 and 24 dinners (not lunches or breakfasts) ready to go...depending on how many we eat beforehand because I'm not cooking even now... still avoiding the whole standing/walking thing as much as possible, lol.

Am mentally thinking of things that need to be done by the 8th, to try to figure out how to get them done. On the 7th, hubby (or someone) will need to move the motorcycle OUT of our garage (eeek... I hate that!) so that I have room to move thru the garage into the house. Either that, or more stuff from the garage needs to be moved to the shed (which i think is actually FULL) so I can get AROUND the motorcycle into the house... there is no way can I climb the front porch stairs after major outpatient knee surgery, lol. Come to think of it, it would be a lovely thing if we could come up with some kind of "ramp" or something to make it easier for me to get into the house from the garage...there is that ONE step up from the garage into my (hubby's) office. It's no big deal right now, but immediately following surgery???? Uh, yeah...that one step will be a big deal. Must clean up my room to make it more presentable and easier to navigate (my room has become the "catch-all junk-room" somehow, lol -- complicated and exacerbated by the fact that I can't get bend/lift because of my knee, so stuff ends up where it ends up - and stays there. ::sigh::

Lessee...what else? Food, garage, room.... I think that's about it for my "list of things I need to do" at the moment.

Calgon, take me AWAY!


Anonymous said...

Good luck and hope the surgery goes well.

kdzu said...

Prayers for a quick recovery going up. Let me know if you need anything.

DNR said...

And (C) get back to RIDING!!

Hope all goes well. You'll be surprised how easily you can climb stairs with crutches and one good leg. Maybe not the day of the surgery but shortly there after.

Sparrow said...

Prayers from me, too, sister! Speedy recovery, wise doctors, and PATIENCE!

Georgia Blogger