Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Total cards gathered and shipped: 5,916 (this number includes 330 cards that were shipped early, on June 2, to a remotely-stationed group of troops with very slow mail delivery times!)

Total Cost of Shipping Supplies: $60.33

Total Cost of actual shipping: $10.95 from early shipment on June 2 of 330 cards; today's shipping cost $241.19, for a combined total shipping cost of $252.14

Grand total of Supplies & Postage: $312.47

GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! Pictures of packing party, etc., will be posted very soon on our website (once some technical difficulties have been resolved). Thank you all so much for your help and participation!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

Kat PS - we received three huge mail tubs full of still more cards in the mail this morning. We will hold onto those cards for the next time! :-) Remember, we accept cards year-round, for all holidays, so never hesitate to send stuff!


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I've been meaning to tell you, I'm really glad you take cards *year round.* I am absolutely useless at meeting due dates on things, always have been. (I was the world's worst aunt that way. Lucky for me, the nephew and niece never forgot I love them to the nth degree, and always told me it was okay!)

So when I'm out and about again I can get cards and send them to you, to have ready for the next important date. I really like being able to do it that way.

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