Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Love From Home - UPDATE MAY 13 2008

Sorry I've been M.I.A. lately...things have been crazy here! This is a press release I sent out earlier today - thought I'd share with y'all, as well! (I modified it a bit for this blog). Spread the word if you so desire! ~ Kat

Good morning, y'all! Just wanted to make y'all aware of a few "troop support" events coming soon to Loganville and a big announcement, as well! :)

First and foremost -- over the next few months, we will be seeking to make "Operation Love From Home" an actual non-profit entity. For many years, I've conducted nation-wide card-and-care package drives for our deployed troops as an individual effort, working together with many friends from our community. Recently, the law firm I work for has offered to do the work of getting us set up as a 501(c)(3) corporation pro bono. It will be several weeks yet before the paperwork is started and filed due to the fact that this is a pro bono case (freebie!) and I have to wait until the attorney has time to work on the matter. However, that is in the works! Our Board of Directors will be as follows:

President - me (Kathy "Kat" Orr)
Vice-President -
Mellissa Slocum
Secretary - Michelle Lynch
Treasurer - Patty
Media Relations - Tammy Osier

We have developed a new website, as well: www.OperationLoveFromHome.org . Feel free to check it out - Melissa and Michelle did a GREAT job putting it together!

A couple upcoming events you might wish to know about:

SUNDAY, MAY 25, 2008: There will be an "Operation Love From Home" table set up at the Orchard Church here in Loganville, so that people can sign cards for the soldiers. This is Memorial Day weekend ~ great time to remember and take a moment to appreciate our soldiers! Our table will be set up for BOTH services and folks can sign cards (or drop cards off) before & after the 9:00 service and the 10:45 service.

SATURDAY, MAY 31, 2008: Operation Love From Home will have a bake sale fundraiser at the American Legion in Loganville (Email me at Jeffskat@gmail.com for more info!). There will be a bounce house, face painting, hot dogs, lots of yummy goodies for sale, cake walks, and of course - lots of cards to sign for the troops! :) Soldiers' Connection, another local troop support organization, will also have a table set up there, as well. It will be a fun "troop support extravaganza!" :) Several local business are contributing to the event.

So far the number of cards for the troops we've received for this particular card drive is very low - I'd venture to say we have less than 500 (and the goal is 5,000). Will have a more firm number later on this week for you.

Several local area business are allowing folks to drop off cards for us -- Rey's Cuban Grill - Partyland - Three Sweet Peas Resale Boutique - Legacy State Bank .

Thank you everyone for your support!!!! Our mission is to support our military - and we couldn't do it without YOU!


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