Friday, April 11, 2008

In the Interest of Starting Conversation...

What three things would you like to learn how to do, that you don't know how to do right now? Answer in comments! :)

My three:

1. Get my motorcycle license ~ and a bike! :)
2. Ballroom dancing (took lessons years ago - wanna do it again)
3. Learn how to sew (not just cross-stich).


Anonymous said...

Delurking to play :)

1. Sew. Tried it and failed miserably. Very expensive paperweight. I.will.learn. (I hope)
2. Knit.
3. Water ski.

Maeve said...

1.Tried learning in my 20's. I'm HORRIBLY dyslexic and would not be safe on the road.
2.I can sew beautifully.
3.Did the ballroom thing too so we would not look like dorks on our wedding day. I love the swing dance.

Leslie said...

Oh gals... you CAN learn to sew... golly I wish I could teach everyone!

1. and 2. I've been a surrogate mother (twice)
3. I am LAZY to the core, but I get things done too :) and some people think I'm amazing in what I get done, they just don't realize what I don't get done :)

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