Sunday, March 02, 2008

NEED YOUR HELP!!! An Opportunity to Honor a VietNam Veteran

Hey everyone, I'm back again. Will post later about the memorial service for our PGR friend, Deltoid. It was amazing but I just can't put it down on paper (or computer screen) just yet. IN THE MEANTIME.... I need your help.

A very special Vietnam Veteran who lives not far from me is in need of some serious cheer & encouragement. So yes, I'm asking all of you to send cards to me, for him. Let's really surround him with love and prayers, OK? Here's some info:

He was Army...101st Airborne, Ranger, was at "Hamburger Hill" in VietNam. Got exposed to agent orange. This is what they think caused his kidneys to go bad. Two years ago, went into a coma and when he finally cameout of it he was [permanently] paralyzed from the waist down. Now he is on dialysis either two or three days a week.
Then, I learned yesterday that this dear man had a stroke Friday night and is currently in the hospital!!! It appears to be a mild stroke, but they are not sure yet what long-term damage there may be. We are waiting for more information.

Please send a note or two to perk up this Hero's day... it would just mean so much to him and his wife!!! Cards may be sent to me at:

Mama Kat Orr
Post Office Box 1660
Loganville GA 30052

I'll forward them on to him. This is a project I'd like to see on-going for a while, not necessarily a one-time shot. You can send individual cards, or if you'd like to have your kids color pictures or get a whole bunch together, that's cool also. But just one card from each person is fine, too. Know that ANYTHING you send for him will be GREATLY appreciated. Lord knows they need plenty of TLC right now....

Thank you in advance, and God bless you.


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