Friday, February 22, 2008


So... I have a leather motorcycle jacket, that I've owned for years (way before I ever thought about riding, i just LIKED it!). Soon after I joined the PGR, I got a leather vest. Gotta have somewhere to put all those patches & pins, right?! RIGHT! :) Well, my vest is just fine during the summer when it's a billion degrees and I don't have to wear it over my super-heavy leather jacket... it snaps and stays snapped and life is good. However.... put that critter on on top of my bulky heavy leather jacket (which goes on bulky, heavy ME!) and we have "fastening issues" with the snaps.. they snap, but they don't STAY snapped. And at 65-70 mph... that's awfully annoying! So I went on an online search for "vest extenders" ~ and found some HERE. I also found a lovely leather hair tie/barret thingy that EXACTLY matches my leather jacket - same little silver decorative thingy & tassles that are on my jacket. Yes, I'm coordinated!!!! They also sent me a free patch... "No rules, Just Ride!!!" Yeah..that's going on the vest tonight! :)

Great.... got all the bling, now I just need my own helmet, license and motorcycle & I'm good to go. ;)
Edited to add, oh yeah...someone just reminded me I still need chaps. OK, so I ALMOST have all the bling, hahahaha! I'll get there.... ;)


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