Sunday, January 06, 2008


Friday evening, I had a pleasant surprise. :) Remember I told y'all about my most excellent book-sale find? I'd managed to swipe up all but three of the entire 12-book Left Behind series of Christian fiction. Well, I did some surfing on, and found the remaining three books that I was missing, as well as the final book, the sequel to the series. I received the three missing books in the mail Friday! (The sequel should be delivered within the next week or so.) Woohooo! Now I have the entire, complete collection! :) I've already finished the first book, and am starting on the second this afternoon or evening. When these books started coming out in the 90s, I would buy them up immediately, and it was agony waiting a whole year for the next one in the series to come out. I'd read up to and including book six, but after that, life got in the way and I was no longer able to afford to buy the new releases as they came out. It's been many years since I've read ANY of them. So now, I'm starting at the beginning again and reading straight through. The best part is that now there is no agonizing year-long wait between books. I finish one, all I have to do is grab the next one off my desk. Yay! :)

Remember me saying last week (I can't remember if I blogged about it here, or merely commented on it elsewhere) that it was cold FOR REAL here in GA? like, 17 degrees when I was out waiting for the bus?? And that's WITHOUT the wind chill? Well, I'm happy to say that in true Georgia fashion, the weather has changed and it's back in the mid-sixties again. :) Ha! Tuesday or Wednesday, it will be hovering dangerously close to 70 again.

ahhh.... I do SO love the South! :)


k said...

Yes! We're back into the 80's today. It was 72 around 7am.

This is the time we may have to turn on the heat at night, then the AC during the day. Our winter visitors think we're nuts when we do that.

fussy, fussy!

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