Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Chat With A Hero!

Last night I was on my home computer working on some stuff, and my little yahoo messenger alert thingy popped up -- my previous adopted Soldiers' Angel soldier was online! I IM'd him right away, and we chatted for a few minutes. I'd been very worried about him, because several months ago, all my letters started getting returned well before what I thought the mailstop date was. Thanks to subscribing to the DOD press releases, I knew he was still alive, since his name never popped up as a casualty, thank God. But that didn't rule out him having been hurt or sent home early due to family emergency or something. I figured it was either that, or they moved him and his mail didn't follow.

I was much releived to find out that they did in fact move him to a remote location -- and his mail rarely made its way to him. :( I was SOOO BUMMED.... I very quickly told him that I'd continued writing for several weeks but the letters kept coming back as undeliverable, and that I hadn't "abandoned" him or forgotten about him. He totally understood - his family ahd the same problems as well. I feel bad he couldn't get the extra mail (remember a while back, I was collecting Califormia postcards and beach-related stuff for a soldier who missed his hometown? That's the one. His address went bad right before I could get the box mailed (I was waiting on one more set of postcards from somewhere) so I was never able to send my super-duper "beach" care package to him, darn it! On the bright side, I just got a new adoptee who's from out thataway, so all the beachy stuff can still be put to good use!) Anyway, I was bummed he went virtually mail-less all that time, BUT immensely relieved he was OK.

He arrived home just before Christmas, got out of the army, married his sweetheart and is looking into going to college further. It was SO good to chat with him briefly and know for a fact that he made it home OK!!! Made for a great "happy new year" gift for me, as I'd always wondered whatever happened to him. :) Yay!


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