Tuesday, January 08, 2008


We temporarily interrupt the Valentine's Day Card Drive for this Special Bulletin:

Hey everyone! I have a real quick favor to ask of y'all, pretty please!!O:) A friend of mine, a recently new member of the Patriot Guard Riders , is also an active-duty Marine. He is scheduled to deploy to the Sandbox sometime really SOON!This saturday, the 12th, there will be a farewell party for him. I thought it would be really nice to get a bunch of emails of support and well-wishes to give to him on Saturday...that way, as he goes off to the Sandbox, he can have a whole stack of reassuring, uplifting emails of SUPPORT to read along the way. If you can take a minute to drop me a quick email for him, I'd be forever grateful! Just send it to LOVEFROMHOME@GMAIL.COM with "MARINE" (or something similar) in the subject line. Thank you SOOO much! I need all the emails by Thursday midnight (which I guess technically would be Friday, lol!). Thank you sooooooo much!
Thank you for your prompt response... we will now resume our regularly scheduled troop support activities.....



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