Monday, December 10, 2007


Since the post office here in Midtown Atlanta is not within easy walking distance from my office, for the past 18 months I've been (I thought) restricted to mailing care packages on Saturdays...which means getting up EARLY and all to be at the Loganville P.O. by noon. (Hey, I'm not a morning person, OK?! haha!) Well.... I just discovered, sort of by accident, that the mail room guys here in my office actually physically go to the post office at least once a day to handle outgoing packages/letters that are certified/registered, etc., or have customs forms and must be processed at the post office. :)

This news makes me veeerrryyyy happy indeed. :) The mailroom guys? Ehh.... I may not be their most favorite person in the world in the future, haha... but now I have mail-ability that I didn't know I had. :) I've always mailed my letters & such from here at the office - it's so cool, you just fill out a form, attach it to the letter you are mailing, and they deduct the postage from your paycheck. Simple & painless. :) NOW however... I know I can even mail out BOXES from my office, not just letters.... way too cool. :) Of course I'll be kind and only ship the small packages from here... I'll drag the huge boxes to the post office in loganville myself on weekends... but the little, or little-ish, ones.... They'll go straight from here. :)

Yay! Yay!


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