Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Note of Thanks from Our Heroes... for YOU!! Yes, YOU!

recieved this Christmas card& note in the mail the saturday before christmas. I apologize for taking so long to share it with was insane, and now I'm home with a nasty, nasty stomach bug that has also hit hubby and oldest boy, among other relatives. :( Ugh. :( Anyway, before I pass out again..... here's the note. Good job y'all... this is why we do make our Heroes' days brighter. (Will be getting info about the valentine's card drive out shortly...once I recover from this evil nasty bug. :( This note comes from the commander of a surgical company at a trauma hospital in Iraq.

Many, many thanks for the huge box of holiday greetings!! I will be putting some in staff mailboxes, sending some to our staff who are on a mission and posting some on the doors to our patient wards... all the rest will be shared with other troops throughout our base. You have brightened our holiday! Thank you!We appreciate you!My warmest wishes for a very blessed Christmas and a very happy New Year! Most gratefully, XXXXXXX on behalf of TQ Surgical Company, Iraq


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