Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lack of Blogging

The recent lack of blogging has been due to the utter insanity and chaos of the Christmas season. Christmas was great; I have 136 pictures that I'll be sharing with y'all very soon. :) In fact, I meant to do up my Christmas recap post for y'all today, but.... You know that stomach bug that's been going around? You know, the one that my stepkids, grandkids, and even my 6-year-old all had over the christmas holiday?

Yeah, well, guess who has it now, full force???? Yep... step off the bus into the park-n-ride parking lot tonight, and hit the ground puking within 30 seconds.... got me again on the way home (let's just block out the fact that it was on a twisty back road with NO PLACE WHATSOEVER to pull over.... gross........) and now I'm home and feeling like roadkill, only worse. :(

Nighty-nite y'all......... hope it's gone by morning...... I have NO sick days left and can't afford a day off. UGH!!!!!!!!!!


k said...

There's a proper time and place to whine, kat.

This is clearly one of them.


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