Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ACK! ACK! ACK!!!!!!!

Did I mention, ACK! ?!

Someone got hold of our debit card info and opened up a "Yahoo Wallet" account, an "Adult" website account (for $50) and spent another $88 at another website that we haven't figured out what it is yet!!! Hubby is on the phone with the bank RIGHT NOW to tell them to stop these charges ~ now, 2 days before payday, we are in the red, thanx to Theif O' The Day. GRRRR!!!!!! I know the bank will give us back the $ and the bounce fees, but STILL!

I wonder what else is out there??????



qofd said...

You do know that you can contact the three major credit reporting agencies and tell them that you don't want any information for credit purposes released without your written consent. It makes applying for credit for yourself a pain, but it will keep others from continuing to ratchet up charges with your name. Sorry to hear about this.

Darla said...

We had a similar situation, credit card - they even had the number from the back of the card...and they signed up for AOL and then for a subscription to an adult (enlarge yourself) website. Our credit card company handled it well, we have zero liability...but the scary thing about your DEBIT card is that they can have access to all the money in your account. Check out and you can have an online account with a debit card - the cool thing is that you 'load' the debit card from your checking account, so if someone got your debit card and info, they'd only be able to get as much money as you had pre-loaded, but they wouldn't be able to access your entire checking account. I have used IngDirect for years, and I love them.

Darla said...

Oh, also there's LifeLock...identity theft protection...we have a link on the right side of our women's networking group site:

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