Thursday, August 02, 2007

Well, the Critters Survived Day 1 of School! :)

Yep, even the little guy... they all went and apparently had fun. Lill Guy said the bus ride to school was "boring" because there was "nothing to do on the bus," haha. He and Squeaky ride the same bus, since they go to the same school. :) Which makes me feel MUCH better... I hate the idea of him riding the bus at all ~ he's SO young!!! But we live real close to the school and hubby is there to send him off and meet him at the bus stop in the afternoons, so it's all good, I suppose. :-)

Not too much trouble getting them to bed last night, either, haha - they were tired lill varmints!!!!!!


Queen of Dysfunction said...

Awesome. Yeah for surviving the first day!

k said...

Yeah, *phew!* Hopefully it's all uphill from here.

And hopefully those aren't Famous Last Words.

Georgia Blogger