Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday Night Visit with Ga. State Patrol.... OOOOPS....

OK, so.... I'm driving home tonight from work.... got to the intersection of Hwy xx & XXXXX Road and, after a nice long wait at that red light there, I make a left onto xxxx rd to go home. As I turn, I look in my rear view mirror and see some really pretty, sparkling, flashy blue lights in my rear view mirror (can you see me typing in 'sarcam font'?!). I pulled into that office complex there on XXX Rd, and had a nice little visit with Mr. Georgia State Patrol officer. I was wondering what on earth I coulda done wrong -- I sure as heck couldn't have been SPEEDING since I'd been sitting at a RED LIGHT for a long time, haha! Well..... as it turns out, the little registration sticker on my license plate on my car was expired -- new sticker was supposed to be applied in FEBRUARY. I was like, "OMG, I HAD NO IDEA!" Really, I had NO idea! We'd paid the annual fee and all that... BUT with all the chaos of moving and all (because, in addition to moving, we hadn't known we were moving until the day we moved, hahahaha!) and just plain had forgotten about it... and, of course lost them. (Truthfully, neither me nor Bear even remembers the stickers coming in the mail at all, now that we think about it!)

I babbled (stupidly but truthfully) that I thought hubby had taken care of it way back in February, but that we'd moved in February and in all probability if the stickers found their way to our new home they'd been lost... I think that was the gist of it, I was just awfully embarrased (not to mention, felt exceedingly STUPID!). :o I was sitting there totally praying like mad while he went back to his patrol car... I mean, this is GSP here...not exactly famous for their understanding and merciful ways, ya know?!

THANK GOD, however...... the wonderful, fabulous, most awesome officer let me off with a warning. I about fainted from shock - a warning from a State Patrol officer, NOT a real live ticket!!!!! WHEW!!!!!!

Now though, I'm left with a problem... how on earth do I get little replacement sticker thingies for my cars' tags? (Both registrations are renewed in February... if ONE is not current, that means the other one isn't either!). (If you are a cop reading this, kindly disregard that last sentance!)


I'm sure glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!

UPDATE: Hubby called tag office, and they are mailing out replacement stickers for us. Didn't have to go down there or anything! woohoo! Said it will take two weeks to get here... *sigh*


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