Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Here we go...CLASS IS IN!

OK, just got home from my second night of class. M & W I have World Literature 2, and Tues & Thurs I have American History 2 (1865 till now).

This is going to be one darn GOOD semester!!! Both my teachers are AWESOME. My World Lit teacher is absolutely delightful.... that's the only word I can think of to describe her... an older woman, very sweet, cheerful and pleasant and personable. My History teacher is teaching "just because he loves history" - recently retired after 31 years in the business world, he doesn't need the $, he's doing this for fun. He seemed very easy-going and interesting too. AND my ears REALLY perked up when I heard that he spent 4 years in the USAF, one of those years in 'Nam. And his dad was a WW2 veteran, and he comes from a very patriotic background/upbringing. :-)

This is gonna be a fun semester.

(although it was pretty freaky when I learned that no less than FOUR of the kids in my History class recently graduated from Loganville High School within the past couple years, LOL... I feel like I'm going to class with my own kid, who recently STARTED high school herself! LOL! Great...now when I go to walmart at night and see a gaggle of kids haning out in the parking lot...there is a much greater probablility that I'll actually know a couple of them ROFLOL!)


Sarge Charlie said...

I would love the history class, too bad our politicians failed their history lessons..........

George W. gave them a refresher course today, i doubt that they learned anything.........

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