Sunday, August 05, 2007


I spent several hours this afternoon - and I do mean that literally, hahaha! - poring over the various classes available at the various campuses, and looking to see what all I need still, yadda yadda yadda. I discovered that my college opened a new campus this ummer which is not all that far (about a 25-minute drive) from the park & ride where the bus drops me off each evening. SO....... praise be to God, I was able to get WEEKDAY evening classes! and avoide the dreaded ONLINE or SATURDAY classes!

M & W 7 to 8:15 I'll be taking World Literature II

T & Th 7 to 8:15 I'll be taking U.S. History II (from 1865 till present time)

Thusly, leaving my Friday - Sunday FREE & CLEAR for PGR missions and whatnot. Granted, Friday thru Sunday most of my time WILL be spent studying..... BUT it will leave me free to do Loganfest, and any other local event that I can get into to collect cards for soldiers. :)

I realize both of those classes will involve vast quantities of reading. and be very time consuming.. :x but i picked them because they interested me the most. :D And besides that, I'm a bookworm. At some point I'll probably want to jump off a high cliff because of how time consuming these classes will be,:x haha - but hey, the schedule will be a bit rough but it will get the job done. so.... it's all good. :D


k said...


Serious business, I'm glad to hear this. The more you can keep plugging away the sooner you'll be done. And ready to hit the World of the Employed People with Degrees!

Have you considered taking any college placement tests for credit, like a CLEP test? That got me 33 credit yours, a full year of credits, for very little money. You don't have to score that high on them, either.

k said...

hours! credit Hours! sheesh.

Dustin said...

COOLNESS!!! Glad you got classes you like!!! You are VERY smart!!! Good Luck!!!!

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