Tuesday, July 31, 2007


YES!!!!! *bounces around excitedly* I hereby proclaim "the diaper years" at the Orr homestead OVER!!!!!!! My youngest baby, my very, very, VERY last kid EVER for as long as I live, IS STARTING SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!!!!

Yep, The Lill Guy, age 4, starts Pre-K tomorrow. Here in our county, Pre-K is a 5-day a week, all-day school experience. :-)

Squeaky, age 6, is going to be in first grade.

Squirt, age 12 as of next week, starts MIDDLE school tomorrow.

Penut, age 14 as of Saturday, starts HIGH SCHOOL tomorrow. However, she will still be going to her old middle school every day. Weird? Well, yes.... this is the first year Loganville has decided to start a separate "Ninth Grade Freshman Academy." Which they have no separate building for (unlike other counties we've lived in). So...they've taken one whole wing of the middle school and re-named it: "Freshman Academy." Yeah.. whatever.

Finally - all four kids are officially SCHOOL-AGED!!!! The end of an era!!!!

What a relief! :=)

Of course, now I get to worry about the Lill Guy... is he gonna be scared the first day of school? How will he survive all day without his blankie? etc.


That's *it*-- my very last baby is finally school-aged, and I ain't havin' no more - EVER! (and yes, surgery has taken place to ensure this is the case... the same day my very last baby EVER was born, I was back in the ER within a few HOURS to get some things taken care of, hehe!)

What a relief. :)

Yay, I survived this far!!! I think I might even see a light at the end of the tunnel now...verrry far away, but yep, it's there! :)~


k said...


Does this mean you can get a little rest now?

Sarge Charlie said...

and life goes on, my youngest is 37, where did the time go.

Kat said...

~k...it sure means hubby can get some rest, since he stays home full time.

Well, at least until tomorrow. As of tomorrow, he starts work for an exterminator in our community. Yep, my hubby is gonna be a bug man!

So...nope, no rest for the weary!

Sarge... your youngest, is 3 years older than me! :-)

DNR said...

My youngest finished high school this summer - YEAAAAAH!!!!
Not only is there a light shining, but I can see trees and grass and lakes and waterfalls.... it's beautiful!!

Kat said...

CONGRATS, DNR!!!! That is AWESOME! So there's waterfalls & trees & stuff to go along with that light at the end of the tunnel?! WAY COOL!!!!!! I'm feeling much better about EVERYTHING suddenly! :)

k said...

heh! Bug guys can have interesting days. I dated one, long ago, in Tampa. I still have his Truly Nolen patches from his uniform. He co-parented my very first kitten, little April, as we tried to hide her from the NO CATS! landlord.

Course, being a basic bug fan, I've always found some unusual things interesting.

Hope he kills a lot of yellow jackets. I love bugs and especially wasps, but some critters just need to die.

k said...

AND! I don't believe for one second that YOUR part of the parenting was NEVER tiring.

ha!!! No way Jose.

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