Saturday, July 07, 2007

A cute kid story, or, my son already has no luck with females

I felt kinda bad for Squirt, my 11 year old son, last night. We have a dog that is not quite a year old yet. Normally, she sleeps in a crate in my room. Before the kids or I go to bed every night one of us (most often, it's them, hehehe) takes Gypsy out for her last walk of the day. Normally, all you have to do is say, "C'mon, Gypsy, let's go outside!" and she (being a border collie/lab/shepherd mix) is at the door in a heartbeat.

Last night, Squirt was to take the doggie out for her walk. She was already hunkered down in my room (where she goes when she gets tired of all the chaos in my home, same as me, haha!) Anyway, when Jacob walked in, she stood up and came over to him. He crooned, and I quote:

"C'mon baaaaaaby, wanna go out?!"

At which point, said "baaaaaaby" turned tail and jumped back into her crate!

hahahaha! Poor Squirt... I couldn't resist saying, "Hey, you might want to remember for the future -- that "line" doesn't work for you!"


bonnie said...

You really made me laugh. And for his own good, I hope Squirt DOES remember what you said.

Rodrigo said...

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The Pirate said...

Poor guy, I can relate to that-never had much luck till I met PW. So, are you going to get any camisetas personalizadas from Rodrigo??

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