Thursday, June 07, 2007

Updated News on Kat's Husband

The hospital is writing out Bear's discharge paperwork right now (3:30pm EST).

He's going home. Yay!


Kat sent a text that says if all goes smoothly, her hubby will be released from the hospital Friday. There are still no answers as to what is going on because they are waiting for test results. Keep up with the prayers and thank you!!


chtrbx said...

Excellant news!!! So glad Bear will be back in his own bed!! I'll keep praying for y'all and hope the tests will give some answers.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Yeah! I've been hoping to read that all tests are clear and that he was given a clean bill of health, but if they're discharging him I'm sure that will happen soon, right?


k said...

Yes. Good to hear. I'll keep checking in, too.

YOU be well yourself, kat. Sometimes this sort of thing can be harder on the one who isn't sick.

De'on Miller said...

Wonderful news.

yankeemom said...

Good, good news!! Spend some time catching up on your breathing. If you're anything like me you stopped breathing a few days ago. ;o)
And tell Bear not to ever ever do that again! {{{{hugs}}} to you both~

Jeff said...

Thanks guys! I appreciate all the kind words. I'm so proud of our daughter. She has become an incredible young lady. You can read me perspective on what happened on my myspace blog.



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