Friday, June 22, 2007

Rolling Victory Fast is ending!

The RVF is ending - yes ENDING Shocked - on July 9th 2007. If you read the history of the RVF, it was started last July 9 (you can find the reasons for its beginnings in the original post - follow the link…. Angel )

Because of ALL the grassroots support, Tanker Bros RVF has been going strong (ARMY strong? hehehe) for one whole year, long after that other highly publicised ‘fast’ was over and done.. Rolling Eyes

Many of YOU jumped on board to show your support and commitment to OUR troops far from home. Your support has never ceased to amaze and humble me. THANK YOU ALL!

On July 9 - the last day of our RVF we do have a few surprises..As it stands right now, we will be doing a group fast. Around the globe, wherever Tanker Bros is read (and you would NOT believe where TB IS me it is mindboggling!) fasters will be joining together - fasting - and posting their one last dedication….this will be YOUR last chance to share the RVF spirit that has sustained us all at Tanker Bros. Email Tracy Angel and get YOUR dedication up on July 9. We promise that every dedication sent in, WILL be posted…

Oh and on July 7? Another surprise on the RVF for you all. I can’t tell you details. You’ll just have to mark your calendars for that day too…

Over at Tanker Bros, there is a GREAT post reminding us of some of those we have honoured on our different RVF. Go check it out, and maybe sign up for July9 while you are there.

The link (as if you didn’t know ;) ) is:

Tanker Brothers


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