Friday, June 29, 2007

"An Emergency Has Been Declared...

....Please exit the building immediately! Do not use the elevators!"

So shrieked the emergency alarms as they wailed out their loud sirens and flashed their emergency lights throughout the building I work in.

I figured it was probably a drill, but with THIS being all over the news today, thought it was better to be safe than sorry. (besides, the floor monitors were around to chase out any stragglers!)

So, I had the joy of walking down the stairs with several hundred of my coworkers to stand outside in the 90-plus-degree Atlanta heat. Oh, did I forget to mention? I work on the 19th floor. Ninteen flights of stairs to walk down. UGH! By the time I made it to the street, my legs felt like rubber bands!!!!!!

Eventually they let us go back to our desks, and gave us ice cream to make us feel better. :) Woohoo!


bonnie said...

Was it a drill or an emergency? When I worked for the fed. govt. they often left us sitting at our desks when an emergency did exist in our building.

Kat said...

It was just a drill. :)

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