Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Powerful MUST-READ....

Hi, all...remember me? Sorry it has been SO incredibly long since I posted anything at all. Personally and scholastically, my life has been in a continual state of utter chaos for months... and for weeks now, I've had a horrible bout of writer's block like never before. Heck, I've even struggled to write letters! that is SO unheard of for me, yikes! So, please forgive my disappearance - I've just been trying to "rest" (whatever that is) and figure out my crazy life.Anyway, I did NOT create this post to whine about silly ole me - I stumbed across this new post by American Soldier just moments ago and felt compelled to share it with y'all. So, without further adieu... here it is:

The wounds revealed and the stories that go along with it. The many reasons behind our flag are vast. For most the comprehension of what is given in order to preserve freedom is unimaginable. The loss of life. The failed marriages. The absolute horror to see your friend choke on his own blood. The sound that never leaves when he begs to just not die. You sit there and hold his hand and help him die slowly, you are helpless. Those final moments that will never escape you.The war and it’s many stories will never ever be told. The new regulations may and will prevent that. I will not allow that to ever happen to me. I will lose every bit of rank that I have ever earn to ensure that we never forget ‘why’ we fight and what struggles we have within this fight. READ THE REST HERE..


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