Monday, January 29, 2007

Update Re: doctor visit today

Went back to the doctor today, because my cough is still pretty horrible and (to the delight of my kids) I have no voice. Doc says x-ray shows that I do have "Right Lower-Lobe Pneumonia." But the good news is, it was caught really early, AND IS GETTING BETTER. He was all ready to put me in the hospital based on my continued severe coughing, but after he examined me, he said my heart rate (which was very elevated last week when he saw me) was down, and my lungs sound better, clearer. He gave me a stronger cough medicine (with codiene in it -which will make me SLEEP FINALLY...yay!) and another antibiotic to take along with the other one I'm taking. I have to stay home from work at least another week. Hopefully not any more than that... I don't want to use up all my leave time on one JANUARY, no less! :-/ On the bright side... I did lose another pound, hehe...the pneumonia diet is working wonders, haha. But I'd not recommend it to anyone... it's not fun!


Sarge Charlie said...

hope you get well soon

Snog Dot said...

How's your voice doing?

SK said...

You had BETTER still be taking it easy!! We do know where ya live:-)

Kat said...

LOL...well, since I've been doped up on the codiene/cough medicine, I've been sleeping, not I sound somewhat better than I did, lol! Not much -but some!!!! Another day or 2 & I'll be OK!

SK...definitely taking it easy. Will take it even easier once i get these 4,304 valentine's cards OUT OF MY LIVING ROOM, along with the ten tons of candy that go along with them.... and after I take my anthropology test on friday..... :)

Kathi said...

In the words of Homer Simpson,lol...."Ummmm....Codeine".

Seriously, sending hugs,prayers and well wishes for you to GET BETTER SOON!!!!

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