Friday, January 19, 2007


Wow, I continue to be overwhelmed by the response to "Operation: Love From Home," the Christmas card drive that resulted in nearly 20,000 Christmas cards being shipped to Iraq. Today, I came home and found a letter from a COLONEL waiting for me!!! *faints* O.K., now, y'all SIT UP STRAIGHT while you read this!!! haha!

On behalf of the ____ Medical Command, I would like to thank you for your gifts and thoughts. It's good for the troops to know that the folks back home support them. It's Americans like yourself [Kat's note: THAT MEANS Y'ALL!!!!] that keep the soldiers' here motivated and in good spirits. They are serving their country with pride and appreciate it when those we serve publicly show their support. Thanks again, Col. _______

How cool is that?! I think that's the highest-ranking snail-mail I've ever gotten, hehehe! :) So, I just wanted to pass it along..... just more confirmation that sending cards and letters REALLY DOES make a HUGE difference...far more than we can even comprehend. :)


Maeve said...

That is soo cool!!!!!

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