Sunday, January 28, 2007

Awesome Poem - major tissue alert!

I was surfing around the internet the other day, and found this poem. I don't know who wrote it.. I just know it was a Soldiers' Angel somewhere out there. :-) This poem perfectly sums up what it means to be a Soldiers' Angel, and how we feel about those we adopt. :)

My Soldier, My Hero, My Friend

I am your Soldiers Angel
Sent down from up above
To pick you up when you are down
And give you all my love

I'll write you letters every week
And send jokes to make you smile
To help you forget where you are
If only for a while

I'll send you books, music and games
To give you something to do
Chips, cookies, candy and coffee
Give me a request…I'll see what I can do

I know it can get very lonely over there
And make you long for home
I'll make you part of our family
So you won't feel so alone

I'll tell you about the week we had
And what we watched on TV
We will share our lives with you
Just close your eyes and see

It's time you heard our support for you
Proclaimed nice and loud
You serve our country with honor
And you make us proud

You put your lives on the line every day
But sadly some can't see
The sacrifices you make for us
To keep this country free

You are in our thoughts and prayers
Every single day
You are right hear in our hearts
Even though you're far away

Thank You, my brave soldier
We'll support you to the end
Till you come home to the land you defend
My Soldier, My Hero, My Friend


bonnie said...

Yes the tissue alert was necessary. Tears blurred my vision the entire time I read the poem. One of my adoptees who returned home to MO in May '06 (his NG unit was attached to GA 48th) remains My soldier, My hero, My friend forever. He suffers PTSD and just last week he made me so extremely happy when he thanked me for "talking me into" getting help at the VA hospital. God bless his soul.

Georgia Blogger