Thursday, January 04, 2007

ARGH... College SNAFUs.....

OK, so... the next semester is supposed to start MONDAY, January 8, right? So... I ordered the textbooks I needed for my American Literature class and my Intro to Anthropology class. My literature books arrived in the mail yesterday - brand new, perfect condition, and exactly what I'm supposed to have. My anthropology book, however.... argh. It was supposed to be the ELEVENTH edition, and somehow, I ended up with the TENTH edition, which is several years older than the version I'm supposed to have, and so is almost certainly not compatible with the current course. ARGH! In my haste to order it last week, I apparently screwed up and got the wrong one. Even the semester starts MONDAY. As in, FOUR DAYS FROM NOW. ACK! I tried to find the correct version online, and buy it from somewhere that offers overnight shipping -- but couldn't find one in my price range. So, I'm going to have to go to the college campus tomorrow with my student ID and use my financial aid funds... can't do that online, have to do it in person... which means, of course...that I am going to end up missing attending the funeral for another Georgia soldier who was KIA in Iraq... I'm horribly upset, to say the least....

Is this semester over yet?!



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