Tuesday, December 05, 2006

*****Rolling Victory Fast*********

"Quid non pro patria"

These words are on my family crest. They mean: "What would not one do for his country." And so it has been in my family for generations. The men and women in my family have served their country well. Today my fast is dedicated to those British heroes in my family who gave all. It is also dedicated to another Brit I am proud to call my own. A para veteran of a recent British action. My
"yorkshire pud" (OPSEC here folks!) survived to tell the tale of a famous event. He does me the honour of calling me 'friend', as he 'soldiers on' with lifelong injuries he received in the service of our country. That he survived - with his typical Brit humour, and modesty, intact - when most of his unit was KIA, is my
great fortune. He is typical of the British troops who to this day serve their country with honour and great courage. Today is for you, my friend, and all our British 'family'.


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