Saturday, December 02, 2006

OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, not me, sorry...y'all can't get rid of me that easy! I'm still around... but 17,320 Christmas cards are NOT! *happy dance* Went to the post office this morning with my friend Jeanne &
Sharon from the Loganville Tribune (who was really there to 'report' but kindly helped anyway!) and got all 33 boxes/envelopes/etc shipped off to The Sandbox!!!! *happy dance*

While I was there, I figured I may as well check my mail again.. good thing I did... there were (literally) a couple thousand more holiday cards (995 of them in spanish!)... so once again I invaded my friend, Sadie's, home and we got them all sorted and counted. Now the total is up well over 19,000.. once I print off all the EMAIL Christmas greetings people sent in, I'm pretty darn sure we'll make 20,000 even - or darn close to it!

Hubby will go to the post office on Monday to mail off these last few stragglers.. and then, that's all folks! Monday is the last day to ship and have it get to the sandbox by Christmas... so anything that comes in Monday or later will be held for next year, unless I can think of something else to do with them.

Oh, and as far as postage... total cost to ship the 17,320 Christmas cards & goodies.... $671.50! Paid for, might I add, entirely by donations from the community and many, many wonderful folks who sent in $1, $5, $10 randomly along the way... THANK YOU so much! :)


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