Friday, November 17, 2006

*Shaking head, sighing*

SO.... a dear friend of mine goes to a good amount of trouble & expense to 1) buy a gazillion Christmas cards for Operation: Love From Home and 2) get people at work to sign them. Of course, she plainly told them all "the rules" -- NO political statements, NO "pickup lines" or other "teasers."

So... she gets all these cards back for me... will give them to me Sunday when I meet up with her for LCpl Warren's funeral... but first she read them all (THANKS!) and would you believe.. she had to THROW OUT NO LESS THAN FIFTY - THAT'S 5-0 - CARDS because they contained negative political messages.. and one with a girl's phone number and single status.

In the 3259 I've read so far, I've only come across one or two negative cards (that went in the trash) and one "otherwise inappropriate" card. Must just be that particular office! Yikes!


On the bright side - there were still several GOOD ones! :-)

And a brief update ~ the mail today was amazing.. didn't even count how many boxes there were, and envelopes... the entire passenger side of my car is overflowing, haha! Definitely a wonderful thing. :)


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