Tuesday, November 07, 2006

****Rolling Victory Fast**********

:)Never say 'never'!

I know - I recently said I would never do another RVF...but as I am also on record as saying "we cannot control how others behave - only how we respond", and today the only response I COULD have, due to circumstances outside of my control, was to step up and do another day of RVF. Yesterday our very own Aussie Chic fasted...And today I am proud to fast - hey my last visit to my docs I discovered I had put on weight.. Confused So even if I lose that again - as I usually do on these days - big whoop...'small' price to pay compared to OUR boots on the ground!

I HAVE posted on Tanker Bros (in the comments section this time) in today's RVF update... So go check that out as to WHY and which group(s) I am focussing on today. The link to Tanker Bros is now on all my posts for reasons some of you know, (and on the left hand side of your screen here at Yikes!)

Anyhow, I had a Tim Horton's coffee and will soon be switching to tea here.



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