Thursday, November 02, 2006


Howdy, everyone... Kat here with an update on Operation: Love From Home! I wanted to post this last night, but my home computer is DEAD - argh! Hopefully we can get it fixed soon...but until it is, I'll be kinda scarce around here. :( *pouts, mopes*

Anyway, yesterday was an amazing mail day! I got well over 400 more cards from Leta, which were signed by Delta Airlines employees in Memphis, TN! WAY TO GO DELTA!!! YOU ROCK!!!! (Note to Leta: Do you have a name/address of someone there I can send a thank you note to?) I also received many adorable cards from a couple other people, from a couple different states, but since I'm not at home, the names/locations escapes me... sorry about that! But the card pictured above is one of many adorable cards received from these girl scout troops!!!! Yay for scouts -- y'all are awesome!

I'm going to try to post more pics below for y'all. In case it doesn't work, link to pics can be seen HERE.

Here's yesterday's mail:
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One of the cards from Delta:
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Girl Scout cards:
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Counting and sorting:
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This is what 450 cards looks like (supposedly, I do have a kitchen table under there somewhere, but it's kind of MIA at the moment, haha!):
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My high-tech record-keeping system. Each day, I sort & count the cards I get, and write the number on this list, and add it up:
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We are now up to 1,821 holiday cards for our heroes!!!! Still need a minimum of 1,179 to reach the minimum goal of 3,000!


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