Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Operation: Love From Home FABULOUS UPDATE!

OK, here is today's update on Operation: Love From Home!

A lady emailed me yesterday to tell me she's shipped 1,000 Christmas cards on Friday... and they arrived today, together with another tubful of fat envelopes filled with cards. Anyway, as of last official count, we had 9,154 cards. My friend, Sadie, who has been helping with the counting & sorting, said she had about 470 at her house, giving us approx. 9,624. Add to that the box of 1,000 cards we just received, that puts us at roughly 10,624 Christmas cards... NOT INCLUDING what's in all those envelopes, and NOT INCLUDING what hubby picked up from two local businesses yesterday (he will make one more "sweep" on Thursday to pick up anything that gets left between now & then), and NOT INCLUDING everything our local Grayson Chamber of Commerce has gathered!! Oh yeah, and NOT INCLUDING the 400-500 more that another friend has at her house!!!!

This is AWESOME -- great job, everyone!!!!!


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