Friday, November 10, 2006

~Everyone loves a parade!

Especially one that honors our HEROES -- our Veterans and currently-serving military!!!

Tomorrow, I will be riding in the Atlanta Veterans' Day Parade with the Patriot Guard Riders. No, I won't be on a bike ~ I'll be in a 2007 candy-apple red Mustang GT convertible! Click HERE to see one that looks JUST LIKE what I'll be cruisin' in! Is that sweet, or what?! I think I'm in love.... with that car!!! OMG I want one!


Anyway, back to the point.... It's my understanding that the reason they let me drive the Mustang in the parade, instead of just walking, is that I will have the honor of chauffering Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, a Gold Star family during the parade... THEY (not the car, certainly not me) are what's important about tomorrow.

So, I won't be around much till much later in the day. Y'all amuse yourselves as best you can. Preferably by finding and THANKING as many military personnel and veterans as humanly possible all weekend long.

If not for them, we would never have parades at all... we would not be free to do so.

Luv ya'all,



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