Thursday, October 19, 2006


UPDATE! :-) I stopped by the Post Office this evening, and boy oh boy was there a lot of mail! Altogether, I got a total of 206 cards!!! So...that brings our grand total up to 673!!!! Yeehaw! Good job, y'all! Keep 'em comin'! Oh - 42 of those cards were from "Team Leta," whose collective goal is to send in 3,000 *themselves* - and is challenging the rest of "us" to match it!!! (Leta -- this brings your team's total contribution to 342 cards toward your goal of 3,000.)

Many thanx to the following, whom I received cards from today:

  • Val T. from Sandusky, OH
  • M.B.S. from Springfield, VA
  • Mr. & Mrs. David S. from Cedartown, GA
  • Girl Scout Troop 90 from Orlando, FL
  • Girl Scout Troop 1512 from East Meadow, NY
  • "Mountain" from Algonquin, IL
  • "Abiuso" from Lafayette Hill, PA
  • Cara St. P. from Maurepas, LA
  • and "Unidentified" of "Team Leta" from "Location Not Given!"
Thank you all so much!!!! We're gettin' there... keep those cards & letters pouring on in!


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