Thursday, October 19, 2006

Progress through Peace

Today's faster in the Tanker Bros' Rolling Victory Fast is Leta. She is the mover and shaker behind the awesome project known as "Project through Peace". Working in Kosovo, she is giving hope in the future to the children and the communities there. Some of you know of my commitment to kids anywhere. What you may not know is I also have a very soft spot, and love for both that region and the kids there. I am copying below the post Leta wrote for her fast day and ask you to please check out the "Progress through Peace" site and see if there is anything you can help with. Even if you can't personally help, please spread the word and the link. Those kids need a future built on hope and love:

Leta writes:

"What I'd most like for everyone to know about PTP is the basis on which it was established. Kosovo, like many countries and regions is in the post conflict stabilization and reconstruction phase. LOOOOOOONG story but I discovered that often our military finds "needs" to be addressed but has to turn to the international community for funding (that's just the way it works and as a tax payer I think I like that). The Soldiers who are in Kosovo have identified many needed and worthy projects but were having a difficult time securing funding. PTP was established as a means to assist them.

They identify projects and submit them to us. We evaluate them and determine if we are able to find the tools, resources and funding they need. Talk about a great TEAM!

Currently our focus in Kosovo is on education at all levels and anything related to education. We are making progress but the needs are HUGE and are all so basic.

We are working to ship school supplies that they just don't have and couldn't afford if they did. We have had requests for funds to purchase firewood. Yes, firewood. NONE of the schools in Kosovo have heat or air. The only source of heat they may have are wood burning stoves in each class room.

We are working to set up coops which will both be a place for teachers to get (free of charge) pens, paper, pencils, etc as well as to attend seminars and workshops for professional development.

In another direction we are working to ship tens of thousands of pounds of basic medical supplies and equipment. The local clinics and hospitals need EVERYTHING from gauze and bandages to needles, IV bags, and drugs all the way up to hospital beds and dialysis machines.

We are so fortunate to be able to do this work DIRECTLY with the Soldiers. By doing so we have no issues of corruption of the disbursement of the items and funds we send and take to Kosovo.

So, the bottom line is that everyone is a winner. The people of Kosovo are getting BASIC things they need and the Soldiers look like the HEROES they are by supplying these items on our behalf."


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