Wednesday, October 04, 2006

UPDATE: PFC Kenneth Aaron Kincaid

OK, don't have much time at all to blog right now - i'm exhausted and HAVE to get a bath! I'll give you a brief recap. First, I DID get tommorrow off - Thank God! So I'll be going to the funeral tomorrow.

I went to the funeral home tonight with a fellow local Soldiers' Angel (not chtrbx, another Local Friend, guess I'll call her Local Friend #2!) . It was incredible. The family was so very thankful that "Soldiers' Angels" was present and showing support (both tonight and at the funeral tomorrow)... it was very touching, to say the least. I thought for sure I would completely lose it when I saw the (closed) flag-draped casket... but thank God, Local Friend 2 was with me, and having her to chatter with kept my mind distracted enough I was able to keep myself together.

Patti Bader, Founder of Soldiers' Angels, had asked me to please, on behalf of S.A., provide water & snacks for the Patriot Guard Riders who will be present tomorrow. (Soldiers' Angels is buying I'm delivering!) There was one PGR present at the funeral home & local friend talked to him a bit, and he was extremely delighted that Soldiers' Angels would be taking part in this particular mission. He said they had water & stuff taken care of...BUT they might could use some breakfast... ;) I told him to consider it done. I stopped by Chick-fil-A and ordred enough for 40 (the estimated number of PGR - he said somewhere between 30-50, lol, so I got enough for 40 Wink ). they will have biscuits of varying varieties, some hashbrowns, & coffee. Then I went by Publix (grocery store) & picked up 4 doz of their yummy donuts and some orange juice. (In case there are more PGR than biscuits, I'll have donuts as backup!) Our PRG will be well-fed and taken care of. Smile

I've got to be at the church around 8:30 - and it is located in one of the WORST traffic areas of all time, lol. So..I'm leaving my house at a totally ungodly hour to swing by Chick-fil-A & pick up the food, and then heading out to the church. This is going to be an ALL DAY THING...from early morning, to late afternoon (the cemetary is about 70 miles from the church where the funeral service will be held)...the interrment will be at about 3pm. So, Thursday will be a no-blogging day...y'all will ahve to amuse yourselves, sorry! I know... How about...saying a billion prayers for this family..... :-(


Y'all watch THIS.

(and yes - I'm in there for like a millionth of a second, walking into the funeral home. ACK! Shocked On the bright side, you can see the Soldiers' Father interviewed, as well as the PGR that Local Friend 2 & I spoke to last night.

OK, outta here to get breakfast for the PGR. Y'all pray I DON'T GET LOST!!!!!


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