Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Renegade Rail and "Baghdad Brat"

Some of you may know about the country band called Renegade Rail..They have kinda been adopted by SoldiersAngels, and over the last little while SA has particpated in a coupla voting campaigns to do with New Country Music something or other.....Need I tell you? RR won both times.:) I was part of thoise campaigns, waving my pom poms and flashing the now infamous fishnets....IF you havent seen those pics yet - just today RR posted that they MAY be going to sing for our troops in the sandbox and a new campaign is underway to send me with them...Not sure RR knows about this yet but I am on record as saying I WOULD go to Iraq or Afghanistan - wherever our guys are - in a pom poms are packed...and the fishnets washed already.. So a petition is on the go now...been posted on SA..and I DO see that Kat has already signerd. Seems to me that RR would LOVE to have me on board for this..

This is the orginal posting....copies and pasted. who is with me????????

Ok all you's time to raise our voices on high to get our very own Aunty Brat over to the sandbox! Who's with me?? She can sing, she can dance, she shakes a mean pom pom while wearing a pair of fishnets better than most...AND best of all she's got an ENGLISH accent!!!

Soooo, not only would she be an outstanding opening act for R&R, she could do backup singing, pom shakin' and a high kick line!

If you are in, post here and I'll start compiling your thoughts together and let R&R know they are going to have an additional band member heading over w/them! ( You could also be a roadie, right Aunty? I'll send you w/a genuine owl boa!)

Dina K




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