Friday, September 08, 2006

Norris Update - Thursday

Ack! I'm a day late posting this -- sorry, Janis & all!!!! Meant to post this last night, but had a big project due for my World Religions class and got busy and everything else just flew right out the window, LOL... sorry!!!! A billion apologies!!!!

Anyway, Norris had a great Thursday, apparently -- YAY! :)

Thursday, September 7, 2006
Hello friends and supporters.

W slept late. We walked over to the hospital and got my orders....I'm cleared through the end of September, but I hope I won't be here that long. Things are calling me at home. Then we had lunch and walked over to Finance and Personnel and got some paperwork done. We ran into Jim Statzer and he told us about his son Paul. Paul has brain damage...actually, his paperwork says "full frontal lobotomy"...they took a lot of brain. He is basically, at age 36, a sixteen year old again. Because of his siezure episodes he can't drive a car. But his Dad is great. They are getting ready to rebuild his prosthetic eye and then they can meet with the Med Boards. Jim will take good care of his son. Paul has a huge following like Norris does. I got an e-mail from a soldier in BRAZIL who is reading our web journal. Also, like look at them, you would never know anything is wrong. Paul's second CBS interview can be seen HERE.
And then I ran into Jana DeCol's friend here two doors down from our room! Jana drove 85 all the way home to Houma LA, but they made it! Dustin recognized "home" and said "I'm home!"....the attendants from hospice care come twice a day to turn him and care for him in bed. He is so swollen with fluid that he is too heavy for Jana and Danny. He is going down quickly....but he made it home. My heart breaks for them. I feel like they are family. Our next door buddy who "crashed" Friday night got four units of blood and they found a bleeding ulcer in his stomach. I spoke with his sister last night and she says he is making a drastic come-around. She says he is eating and feeling so much better. Thank God. I'll have to get up to see him. She said they treated him well in SICU...I should think so after the butt chewing they got.
Norris has been doing way too much, and he is a bit pale today. But he feels great and walks faster than I can keep up with. We took some bread to the fish and he fed the birds while I fed the fish. It is cold and they are on the bottom of the pool. I am learning to pack his two open wounds and they look great...he is on his way to healing up. We can see the road home.
Keep us in your prayers and we will see what the docs say tomorrow.
I'll keep you posted. Love you all. Janis


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