Friday, September 01, 2006

Impromptu Bake-A-Thon

For several weeks now, I've been wanting to bake cookies to ship to one of my Marine-babies and his platoon. Remember when I flew out to Missouri in January to visit the family of one of my soldiers? (Click HERE to read the story) Well, this particular Marine is his cousin. Or nephew. Something like that -- I was never good at family tree stuff. But, since I'm very close to that whole family, it just kinda went without saying that when Marine-baby deployed to the Sandbox, I already had dibbs on adopting him!!!! :-) He and his platoon just LOVED the 4th of July cards y'all sent as part of Operation: Thanks for Freedom! this year.... and I've been wanting to do something (like bake cookies!) for them for a long time now.

Well, today hubby contacts me late in the afternoon to inform me that he'd obtained TWO CASES of frozen cookie dough from a co-op we belong to -- so I now had plenty of cookie stuff to bake for my Marines!!! Yay! The only downside -- there wasn't enough room in the freezer for all the cookie dough, so if I wanted to bake it, it had to be done TONIGHT!! :-o Yikes! That was so totally NOT in my plans for tonight, haha -- SLEEPING (after doing a homework assignment and working on a research project) was in my plans for tonight, haha! I had been thinking that on Monday, labor day, I could do the whole cookie thing... but.. guess not, haha! So, here I am, baking merrily away (and guzzling coffee hubby so kindly made for me). I have enough cookie dough to where I can give my officially-adopted Marine-baby one or two dozen, and everyone else in the platoon -- all approximately 40 of them -- *at least* half a dozen each. :-) And STILL have bunches left over for hubby & kids. And possibly maybe even some left over for a few other miscellaneous soldiers or marines here & there - but I don't know yet. I have been baking steadily since 8:30 -- and am not even thru with the first carton of cookies yet! Ack! I feel guilty "cheating" and using frozen stuff... The other times I've made cookies for my soldier=babies last year, they were made from scratch, 100%. It's just not 'real baking' to me if it's frozen or pre-done stuff... I know that's dumb... and a bunch of Marines truly WILL NOT care -- they will only care about the fact that they have COOKIES! (Or fragments thereof, by the time they get there, haha!)

So, anyway... here I am.... baking away! Surprise, haha... so NOT what I had planned tonight, hahaha! But that's ok -- I'm so happy I can finally do this!!!! As long as I can stay awake long enough to GIT-R-DONE -- and wake up in time to go to the post office, then meet with my classmates for the group research project we have due in my World Religions class -- then all will be well. :)

OK, I hear the timer chirrping again -- time to get the next batch going! :)

Luv to all,

Momma Kat


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