Saturday, September 02, 2006


Two hundred and eighty-five sugar cookies (give or take one or two) are sitting on my kitchen table, bagged and ready to be boxed up to ship to our Missouri Marine-baby's platoon. another two dozen are in the oven right now, baking for my biological babies, haha. :-) Once they are done, I'm going to bed! I'm tired! haha! Then, up super-early to go to Wally-world to get a BOX big enough to ship all this in...the boxes I have here aren't big enough.. and off to the post office by 9:00.

Who needs sleep?! Sleep is highly over-rated, anyway! haha! No matter - as long as my babies are happy - biological and militarily adopted - Momma Kat is happy. :) Tired, but happy. :)


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