Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"C is for...."

An easy one this:

CINNAMON BUNS..yes just havent lived until you have drooled over a cinnamon bun. A few years back, an aunt of mine from Leicester visited us over the Christmas holidays. She and me decided on a project. We went on the greatest cinnamon bun hunt. Our verdict????? The cinny buns at the University of British Columbia are the BESTEST anywhere. Really, they are heavenly...ya might say "Angel food"..... Angel They are sooooo great, that my daughter's Godmother (who now lives elsewhere in Canada) never leaves Vancouver without 12 cinny buns to keep in her freezer when she goes home...

and from Cyndy (another Angel ) comes this - and I quote!!

"When I was pregnant with my first, I ate Wendy's chili almost every day. In the first few years, she had the most beautiful dark, curly hair. My boss, who watched me eat my daily chili while pregnant, insisted it was the chili that caused those curls to grow! Forget DNA!" Oh we mums have lots to answer for..

And this just in from Kat (my synchro flying partner AND 'co-blogger'...)

"Carrots (or, Carrot Cake! or Cake! Or Cookies! like the 300 I just baked for my marines Friday...ack...),"


Oh the most perfect food? That covers many 'necessary' food groups??????Why CHOCOLATE of course.......I forgot that one only because I try not to think about it....As a confirmed long time chocoholic imagine my horror to be diagnosed with allergy to chocolate after I had become violently ill after a chocolate bar about 3 years ago....Ughhhhhhhhhh...Not good..... but I still dream of chocolate....yes I do!!!
"Every soldier is one of our own"


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