Thursday, August 31, 2006

RAE'S UP!!!!

First up today because I had not enough sleep yet. RAE sends her first report....Thank goodness we have Rae with us... Confused

She'll rally the troops..At least two that I know of. Quoting directly from Rae's first 'in the field' report: TAKE IT AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY RAE


Well I guess that I am 6 hours into the fast......yippie.......more
like 24 hours into it, as I forgot to eat yesterday too. I will carry
my bottle of Dew with me all day and be just fine.

Hmmmm......Working at an Ice Cream Store and selling
Smoothies....think that I can find one that would fit and piss off

Nah, no smoothies for me.....I will stick with my Dew and water
today. I think it has been about 24 hours now that I have eaten, but
another 18 is not going to kill me, I do it all the time with my work

I chose to fast today as it is my youngest son's 18th Birthday. He has always wanted to go into the Military and wanted us to sign the papers a year ago today for him to go in...Well we were not home for his 17th birthday to do this, we were on our way to an Army base here in the states, to see his older brother off to Iraq for a year. This scared Jake and he decided that he was going to wait until his brother returned home before he enlisted. Well today is the day and I am not sure what he is going to do, I know that he has been talking with a recruiter, and if he chooses to sign, I will be behind him 150% as I am for my other son. I guess we will see what the today and following days bring.

As for my son who went to Iraq, he is now home and safe on US soil.
He returned about 3 weeks ago...I do miss our daily conversations on
MSN, as he doesn't have the Internet in his room yet, BUT he has his
cell phone back.......HMMMMMM, I am not sure that was a good idea. he
still thinks he is in Iraq and can call me between the hours of
midnight and 4am. ......I have to teach the kid how to tell time.

Well with saying that the phone just rang........grrrrr, he is
calling again, just to talk to his bro to wish him a Happy Birthday........

Happy Birthday, Jake, this is for you and all our Soldiers around the world.


*****And I gotta say - if Rae's words don't make ya proud, nothing will! I am proud to stand with you and your boys Rae....every single day and especially today.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!!!



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