Thursday, August 31, 2006

Excuse the Interruption...

Sorry for interrupting the "Rolling Victory Fast" blog events, but I have a prayer request for a friend.

Please go HERE and say a few million prayers for our dear friend and his wife.

And while yer at it, if you have any extra prayers handy, please say a few for hubby's uncle. His uncle (who's... i dunno, 50s? 60s?) was diagnosed with cancer behind his face. They did a huge surgery to remove the cancerous mass -- and along with it, they took most of his nose, entire upper lip & pallett --- a couple weeks ago. A couple days ago, they readmitted him to the hospital because his blood platelett count is life-threateningly low. They did a platelett transfusion on him yesterday, but his count was actually EVEN LOWER after the transfusion than it was before. Ack!

Thanks, all!

OK, Ros & Rae - back to your Rolling Victory Fast blogging!! :)


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