Thursday, August 17, 2006

I should blog about something....

But I have no idea what!!!!! I'm just kind of at a loss for what to say. Finally, I'm caught up on all my "Living Legends" cards and letters (I'd fallen a bit behind - there were SO MANY for August - very heartbreaking). I only have a couple cards to send for the Soldiers' Angels "Wounded TLC" team (which is exactly what it sounds like - sending cards to our Wounded), and I'm finally all caught up on everything I fell behind on.

School starts on Monday for me. This time around, I'm taking World Religions and Historical Geology. Truthfully, I am dreading returning. With a passion. I'm really not so sure it's worth it - all the $$, the time it consumes, having to miss family events because I have papers due (and catching major flack for it, too). I thought about just "not" returning - at least for a good long while yet - but then got the "We really didn't think you'd ever finish, anyway. We knew you'd quit!" from various people when I voiced my thoughts out loud one day. So, go or stay, either way, I'll be tortured greatly for it in one way or another, from a variety of sources. So, if I'm going to suffer, I may as well suffer for getting a good education and setting a good example for the kids. I only have 30 more credits to go, and I'll be done with my associate's degree (in English, if anyone cares, haha). It will make me more employable, blah blah blah blah... you know the speil.

On the bright side: I am taking two classes I've always wanted to take: World Religions and Historical Geology. :-) Hopefully I will enjoy myself, since these are two areas that fascinate me. On the un-bright side: I am forced to take online classes this time around, since my schedule doesn't permit me to be "live" in class this semester... I really hate online classes. I do much better when I'm in a real classroom with real people around me, haha! Oh well - that's the way the ball bounces! :)

Well, it would appear that my lunch break is over - time to get back to work. Have an awesome day!


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