Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The final countdown....

It's 11:06 p.m., EST here in Atlanta, and I have less than an hour to go! My big struggle right this second is staying awake - I'm TIRED!!!!! I should just go to sleep - but I'm very good at waking up at the last possible second and racing out of the house without eating breakfast... I do not trust myself to be able to wake up "early" enough to actually eat something. And I'm not brave enough to hang in there till lunchtime and go for a "day & a half" fast, haha... nope, I'm definitely too wimpy for that. So, here I am, trying to kill time/stay awake till midnight. I made some pasta salad (nope, didn't cheat a bit, never even tasted the sauce!) which is even now chilling in the refrigerator. I am finally wearing my "Rolling Victory Fast" t-shirt, haha... better late than never, haha! This is likely to be the shortest meal in history, cuz as soon as I'm done eating, I'm SLEEPING, haha! I'm surprised how un-hungry I am, really. I thought I'd be about to totally die of starvation by now after not eating for 24 hours-- but I'm just plain "hungry" -but not extraordinarily so. Weird. I'm really surprised. I think I'm even more shocked that I actually DID IT - actually went (almost) 24 hours without food! Of course I drank tons of coffee & soda all day, but that's normal for me to begin with, haha.

OK, well, that's all for now, folks. One final post coming soooon!


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