Sunday, July 30, 2006


Hello everyone.

Saturday was a lazy day after all the excitement of the horses Friday. Saturday night Alina [my friend from Soldiers' Angels ] came and joined my sister Amy, Norris, Yancey and me at Armand's pizza. The pizza was excellent and we all had a great time visiting with one another. Yancey [Another wounded Soldier @ Walter Reed] was admiring the new flannel blanket Norris had, so Alina brought him one Sunday morning.

She invited us to late breakfast on Sunday morning so we met her at the Tastee Diner in Silver Springs and we had a wonderful late breakfast...she had Yancey's blanket with her. It is awesome with stars and stripes. She is a sweet heart! Amy had chocolate chip pancakes, Norris had pancakes and sausage, Alina and I had the inernational omelett. It was great. And the diner still has the front of the original diner car that was once parked go in through the old diner car with the checkerboard floor tiles and into the new restaurant. The old neon sign displays "Tastee Diner" in bright reminded me of being on a "Happy Days" episode. LOL! Amy spent the day with us and I gave her the hospital tour.

It was quiet on campus today. Norris spoke with a reporter from our hometown paper...The Meridian phone today. They will more than likely get the interview in Monday's paper. Norris has his appointment with plastic surgery tomorrow to line up all they will be doing August 3rd. Alina will be with me in the waiting room. Norris is counting down the days now.

Thursday will be a big day for us. Keep us on your prayer lists.
Thank you for your support and prayers.

Janis and Norris, WRAMC


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