Sunday, July 30, 2006

'Ordinary Man'

Ordinary Man’

He will tell you he’s no hero

“just doing my job is all”

But to this Angel he is special

Because he answered the call

He is a beloved son

Fighting far from home

As his mother weeps alone

Waiting for the phone

He is an ordinary worker,

An accountant, fireman, cop

And his colleagues watch the mail

For word on when he’s coming home

He is an ordinary husband

With a wife who sleeps alone

She reaches for her sweetheart

Although he’s far from home

He is an ordinary daddy

Missing his children’s smiles

Not seeing the first bike ride

Or kiss their bleeding knees

But as this Angel can tell you

This is NO ordinary man

Oh he is indeed so special

You can believe this – yes you can

This Angel listens to his cries

This is NO ordinary man

He cries to hold his loved ones

Instead he holds a gun

This special man away from home

The love, the joy, the peace

And the Angel watches over him

As he cries himself to sleep

This special man may tell you

If you really care to hear

Of all he’s done On your behalf

So YOU can sleep in peace.

He calls upon the Angels

And is too sad to see us there

He feels alone, abandoned

Thinking no–one cares.

This is NO ordinary man

Although he may look so to you

To his loved ones he is special

And his Angels know this too

This is no ordinary man

He needs all our prayers

To hold, and support him

In his mission, do you dare?

For God, and all the Angels

Always answer this man’s call

He is no ordinary man, he is a son

A husband, dad.


Georgia Blogger