Monday, July 10, 2006


Everyone, please go by and visit The Online Chaplain. One of their Soldiers was very recently killed in action -- He just posted about it today. His post says, in part:

Kyle Miller was a beloved member of this team. His death will mark time for the soldiers of the 1/125 not just in this deployment but across the horizons of our life. I can not quantify the sorrow of the men and women of this Forward Operating Base to even begin to tell you the depths of our grief. It cannot be measured in human terms. I can, however, tell you what we have done and then you can decide how we are doing.

We have stood shoulder to shoulder, braced against the pain of loss. When one of us could bear it no longer, we passed it to the next. We held each other up, we comforted each other and our families at home. And, Wednesday at 0900 outside of our dining facility in the warm morning air of Iraq we roared against the loss and we declared a greater truth than the pain we felt. We declared God’s victory over death and in our hearts and minds laid Kyle Miller safely to rest in the safe and guarded hands of Jesus the Christ.

Click HERE to read the rest. Also, once you are done reading this entry, click on "Main"to go to the most recent blog post - the pastor posted the text of his memorial service sermon.

Please, please pay a visit to The Online Chaplain and offer your condolences and encouragement.

Thanks, everyone.


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